Investment Process

First Trust Direct Indexing provides exposure to a variety of benchmarks through direct ownership of individual securities in a portfolio via a tax-advantaged SMA. These SMAs offer continual portfolio review with intra-day tax-loss harvesting to provide a greater ability to generate tax alpha. They can be customized based on factor tilts or personal values while keeping tracking error in line with a specified target.
Select a Benchmark
Personalize your Portfolio
Optimize your Exposure
Potential to Maximize After-Tax Returns


  • Continual portfolio review with intra-day tax-loss harvesting
  • Select from integrated major branded indexes
  • Index blending and custom benchmark development
  • Portfolio customization with over 70 preset options
  • Capital gains budgeting
  • Access to intuitive advisor user interface
  • On-demand quarterly performance reports
  • Real-time portfolio transition analysis and reporting
  • Implementation specialists to support client onboarding
  • Solutions for Institutional and tax-exempt organizations
  • Fund with cash or in-kind securities


We bring a wealth of institutional investment experience, a consultative approach, and a strong commitment to crafting thoughtful solutions tailored to your unique needs.

  • Bespoke investment solutions
  • Consultative approach
  • Quantitatively driven
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Mission-aligned portfolios
  • Expertise in faith-based investing
  • Factor tilts
  • Risk management
  • Low tracking error post-screening
  • Proxy voting services (standard & custom)
  • Insightful performance reporting